Virtual care & support for your

health and well-being

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Welcome to the Technology-Enabled Collaborative Care for Youth (TECC-Y) program! This platform is dedicated to young people with first episode psychosis (FEP). This is a safe and non-judgmental place where you can learn about ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

If you were assigned to Group #1 you will have access to an educational package, resources and webinars on this platform. If you were assigned to Group #2 you will also have access to goal setting tools and be paired with your very own Care Coordinator whom you will work together with to create personalized goals and learn more about nutrition, exercise and how to quit smoking.

Feel free to take a moment and explore the platform to see what type of exciting modules and resources you have access to. By providing you with this platform, we hope you will enjoy your journey to healthy living!

Virtual care & support for your health & well-being

If you are in Group #2 you will receive online support from a virtual care team trained in psychiatry, addictions, nutrition, counselling, nursing and social work.

Physical Activity
Smoking Cessation

Our online support will help you manage your health by focusing on nutrition, physical activity and smoking cessation.


If you are in Group #2 you can access a range of online educational modules and engage with their Care Coordinator through video, messaging and scheduling applications to better care for your health.

Personalized Dashboards to track, communicate and promote healthy behaviours
Assessment tools & personal goal setting applications to track your progress in managing your nutrition, increasing your physical activity and smoking cessation
Messaging applications to communicate with your Care Coordinator
Educational tools to engage with clinically approved content to self manage
Video-chat solutions for educational webinars and virtual consultations with your Care Coordinator
Moderated discussion groups to talk about nutrition, physical activity and smoking